Being cute can help protect you!

Cheryl Armstrong

One of the many reasons we own Fish and Hunt Cute is our two daughters.  Now, who doesn't think their kids are the cutest?  Let's be honest!  We certainly do!

And as parents of two beautiful ladies, we always want to do everything we can to protect them.  When they were young it was slathering them in sunscreen before we let them out in the hot summer sun.  Or spraying them down with repellent before taking them into the woods.  And we know lots of parents that do the same thing because you always want to protect your kids from the suns harmful rays or bug bites!

But, when your children grow up into adults as ours have, it can be hard to protect them in the same way. 

Well, maybe not!

Now, of course, there's never a reason not to fish or hunt cute, but we think we've found not only a very flexible way to be cute as can be, but a wonderful way to protect yourself at the same time!

Introducing the Fish Cute wide outdoor brim hat from No Fly Zone®. 

No Fly Zone insect repellent technology helps keep mosquitoes and biting flies away.  UPF 30+ sun protection with concealable sun flap for your neck helps keep the suns rays off of our skin.  With an adjustable cord at the crown and clip-on adjustable shock cord you can not only create any hat for any cute as can be look, but you can cinch it up on those windy days too.  Foam brim keeps hat afloat if you lose it in the water netting the "big one".

This hat is a must have if you are out on the water, on the boat, along the shore, or even just in the garden!  It's a wonderful addition for everyday wear that can help you, AND the ones you love, safe in the sun or in the woods!

We love our customers, and we hope you'll love this new addition to our Fish Cute family as much as we do!